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characteristicsvendor intercept
category interceptors
standart gsm
frequency 900/1800/850/1900
power source 250 w
display lcd
smsmms yes
antenna single multi band omni or directional
q´ty of channels 32 frequency channel up to 240 voice channels
datacom yes
management laptop
range upto 20 km
delivery set interceptor, antenna, software
shipment by mutual arrangement
weight 10 kg
multi-band fully passive gsm interception system - mgi
gsm traffic recording system
multi-band fully passive gsm interception system designed to record the entire traffic occurring between base transmitting stations bts and mobile stations ms located within the system’s operational range. this means literally tens or even hundreds of simultaneous calls.
“fully passive” means that
mgi does not have any transmitting parts
mgi does not interfere with gsm networks and mobile phones
mgi’ operation is completely undetectable.
recorded information can be processed either on-line or off-line.
mgi can intercept
voice communication
sms messages
primary and secondary dtmf tones
call related information
deciphering capabilities
the system supports both types of encryption implemented in gsm networks – a5/1 and a5/2.
a5/2 real-time decipher is a software based solution it works as a background application. average deciphering time is 15 msec.
a5/1 decipher is a separate device connected directly or remotely to the mgi. for more information about a5/1 deciphering, please refer to the rtdm51 description
we recommend to use with mgi quick decipher 0,78 sec

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Contact Co. Proekt Servis Ltd.
Moscow, Moscow Region
Russian Federation
Mr.Shamsudinov Jamal
Mr. Shamsudinov Jamal (Director/CEO/General Manager)
Phone: 7-499-5005603

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