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Clothing & Textile Trade Leads Directory

Are you looking for Clothing & Textile manufacturers and suppliers? Twaynet.com has the largest database of leading Clothing & Textile manufacturers and suppliers of the world. You will find Clothing & Textile manufacturers, suppliers and trade leads here at our business to business suppliers’ directory. We list suppliers having huge collection of stock in different industries.

We are the leading online B2B directory having a complete database of global Clothing & Textile traders and suppliers.  You will find thousands of industrial Clothing & Textile products sold by various global Clothing & Textile suppliers at competitive rates. Whether you are a Clothing & Textile buyer or a seller, we provide a platform for both international traders and buyers in the form of our B2B marketplace. 

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Clothing & Textile Manufacturers & Suppliers Directory

Bathrobe (16)
Bedding (166)
Bedding (26)
  •  Belt (38)
  •  Buttons (15)
  •  Gloves (17)
  •  Handkerchief (2)
  •  Neckties (6)
  •  Others (65)
  •  Personal Adornments (5)
  •  Scarves (1)
  •  Zipper (14)
Design (34)
  •  Tailor-made Clothes (4)
Footwear (2,473)
  •  Others (10)
  •  Parts Of Shoes (29)
  •  Shoes (454)
  •  Socks (4)
Garments (1,187)
  •  Down Clothes (3)
  •  Ethnic Garment (1)
  •  Jeans & Casual Garments (40)
  •  Kids Clothes (13)
  •  Others (20)
  •  Outwear (5)
  •  Pants And Skirts (16)
  •  Shirts (15)
  •  Silk Clothes (0)
  •  Sportswear (11)
  •  Stage Costume (2)
  •  Sweaters (7)
  •  T-shirts (56)
  •  Underwear/nightwear/bathrobe (17)
  •  Uniforms (8)
  •  Work Clothes (12)
Jacket (69)
Jeans (176)
Others (615)
Outerwear (26)
  •  Artificial Leather (0)
  •  Down Products (3)
  •  Fur And Skin (2)
  •  Leather And Hide (2)
  •  Leather/fur Garment (1)
  •  Others (0)
  •  Bleaching & Rinsing (0)
  •  Dyestuff (0)
  •  Others (0)
  •  Printing And Dyeing And Finishing Machinery (3)
Silk (21)
Sweaters (55)
Thread (27)
T-shirts (360)
Washcloth (28)
  •  Bath Towel (1)
  •  Facecloth (0)
  •  Others (0)
Yarn (248)

New Clothing & Textile Companies

rose feather group was established in 1995. we are located in the source of gooseduck - luan city, which is famous of...
no.4 walking street
we are the biggest foreign-owned manufacturer for top grade arab robe in china .we have 3 factories and more than 1000...
we are trading company of branded polos , shirts , sweaters and many more... we do export them to any country in the world. we...
1.who we are? beijing sukeno risheng socks co., ltd. risheng is a japan-china joint venture enterprise. beijing sukeno...
gangasaris.com is online shopping store for exclusive collection of cotton, silk, georgette print sarees, cotton salwar...
we are established since 2002 in bahrain. we are wholesalers of all types of fabrics and specialist in hotel, school...
our company was established in the year 2010 as a general importers of ready made garments for men,women and children...
under construction
sales sales sales hardware suppliers wholesale suppliers computer supplier importer directory furniture manufacturers...
dear sir we are a all kind of readymade garments exporter and suppliers in bangladesh. and also we are all kind of readymade...
novo retail solutions was founded in 2008 with a clear and simple mission to provide world class retail fixtures, shop...
we are manufacturer and exporter of fashion products , including leather fashion products , work wear products , safety...
weilifashion co., ltd is located in the city which call “famous city for wedding dress gowns”--- chaozhou we are an...
sinicline is an experienced manufacturer of clothing accessories, our products include hang tags, plastic seals, woven...
changzhou chi yi plastic products co., ltd.is a large manufactory specializes in producing sponge products, pe and eva...
freed maaler is the pseudonym of a cult dutch. he was known as a great artist and painter who also had other interests...
hangzhou xiaoshan hengfeng textile co.,ltd. our company is specialized in the manufacture of various kinds of special...

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