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Clothing & Textile Trade Leads Directory

Are you looking for Clothing & Textile manufacturers and suppliers? Twaynet.com has the largest database of leading Clothing & Textile manufacturers and suppliers of the world. You will find Clothing & Textile manufacturers, suppliers and trade leads here at our business to business suppliers’ directory. We list suppliers having huge collection of stock in different industries.

We are the leading online B2B directory having a complete database of global Clothing & Textile traders and suppliers.  You will find thousands of industrial Clothing & Textile products sold by various global Clothing & Textile suppliers at competitive rates. Whether you are a Clothing & Textile buyer or a seller, we provide a platform for both international traders and buyers in the form of our B2B marketplace. 

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Clothing & Textile Manufacturers & Suppliers Directory

Bathrobe (17)
Bedding (166)
Bedding (26)
  •  Belt (38)
  •  Buttons (15)
  •  Gloves (17)
  •  Handkerchief (2)
  •  Neckties (6)
  •  Others (66)
  •  Personal Adornments (5)
  •  Scarves (1)
  •  Zipper (14)
Design (34)
  •  Tailor-made Clothes (4)
Footwear (2,472)
  •  Others (10)
  •  Parts Of Shoes (29)
  •  Shoes (454)
  •  Socks (4)
Garments (1,196)
  •  Down Clothes (3)
  •  Ethnic Garment (1)
  •  Jeans & Casual Garments (41)
  •  Kids Clothes (13)
  •  Others (20)
  •  Outwear (5)
  •  Pants And Skirts (16)
  •  Shirts (15)
  •  Silk Clothes (0)
  •  Sportswear (11)
  •  Stage Costume (2)
  •  Sweaters (7)
  •  T-shirts (56)
  •  Underwear/nightwear/bathrobe (17)
  •  Uniforms (8)
  •  Work Clothes (12)
Jacket (69)
Jeans (176)
Others (619)
Outerwear (26)
  •  Artificial Leather (0)
  •  Down Products (3)
  •  Fur And Skin (2)
  •  Leather And Hide (2)
  •  Leather/fur Garment (1)
  •  Others (0)
  •  Bleaching & Rinsing (0)
  •  Dyestuff (0)
  •  Others (0)
  •  Printing And Dyeing And Finishing Machinery (3)
Silk (21)
Sweaters (55)
Thread (30)
T-shirts (364)
Washcloth (28)
  •  Bath Towel (1)
  •  Facecloth (0)
  •  Others (0)
Yarn (255)

New Clothing & Textile Companies

we have 27-year partnerships with buyers in the us, france, spain and australia taiwan-based production facility qc checks...
ningbo oubo apparel co., ltd is an innovation-oriented foreign-funded enterprises under the focused introduction and supports...
ningbo dmc is most professor yarn thread dealer in ningbo ,china with more than10 years . dmc workshop equipped advanced...
we are premium manufacturer ,suppliers of superior quality raw skins wet and dry salted hides of all kinds of animals...
mason products ltd, was established 2002. we are a distributor/wholesale company,we import different kinds of products...
welcome to heq shoes co.,ltd. we are a professional manufacturer of casual shoes specialized in making canvas shoes, sport...
guangzhou 181 leather manufacture co., ltd. guangzhou china specializes in the manufacture and sale of leather belts,...
sofi enterprises has become one of the best and foremost fabric suppliers at wholesale prices in california. our mission...
mutant circus global gym wear. we retail gym wear and accessories to the health and fitness market. we specialise in gym...
xinxiang fengyu textile co., ltd. was established in 2006. it is located in xinxiang, henan, china. the number of employees...
we started to manufacture pp and pe woven goods from 1993, exporting rate is about 65. through more than 20 years exporting...
wholesalelingeriex is a china wholesale company located in quanzhou since 2004, and is currently the leading manufacturer...
we are import-export firm located in benin,africa,we serve as investment-sourcing agent to our clients here. we need...
we are import-export firm located in benin,africa,we serve as investment-sourcing agent to our clients here. we need...
we are garment manufacturer company working for high fashion garment in small quantity as well as casual wear for bulk...
www.gusterve.com / www.gusterve.weebly.com
mamre apparelasian industrial co.,limited is a professional manufacturer exporter of sublimation transfer print products...

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