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Hard-tube Brush Cutter (shoulder Type)

Brand Name: HIACE
Product Origin: Taiwan
Product Currency: USD
Payment Terms: T/T

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Hard-tube Brush Cutter (shoulder Type) Add this product to your favorites

ht-328l / ht-358l hard-tube brush cutter shoulder type

engine type 2 cycle, single cylinder, force air-cooled, gasoline engine

mm diameter of cylinder / stroke ht-328l 36 / 30, ht-358l 38 / 30

displacement ht-328l 30.5c.c., ht-358l 34c.c.

hp/r/minstandard power ht-328l 1.7 / 7000, ht-358l 1.9 / 7000

carburetor diaphragm type

ignition system electronic cdi

mixed fuel petrol of gasoline and 2 cycle oil at 251

fuel tank capacity 1 liter

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Contact Hiace Engine Co., Ltd.
No. 75 Singjhong Road, Singguei Village,
Cihtong Township,, Yulin County
Ms.Linda Lin
Ms. Linda Lin (Marketing)
Phone: 886-5-5846605

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