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Bathtub Screen

Brand Name: Ukraine
Product Origin: Ukraine
Product Currency: EURO

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bathtub screens are used for the bathtubs
of standard size 1500mm and 1700mm
length, the width is not considered.
installed on the bathtub, the sides are fixed
to the walls. the screen can also be
produced according to individual
requirements upon a customer´s request
from and by the following materials and
- aluminum frame alloy type ad-31, t5,
can be done in two variants of colors
the white one ral 9010 and anodized
silver matted color
- front part may be done in two variants
tempered safe glass 4mm width, textured
shockproof polystyrene 2mm width.
- covering front edges plugs and sliding
door brackets that make construction
design of nodal connections between all
aluminium angle bars openings and
closures noiseless are produced from the
fresh raw lithium materials.
- thickener that is used for sealing of
front glass or polystyrene is made of
polymer materials resistant to adverse
conditions and according to these qualities
it is long-lasting.
the width of the door opening when the
door is opened is sc19-90 ps – 560mm.

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Contact Mws
Kurskiy Str.18-a
Ms.Oksana Kramareva
Ms. Oksana Kramareva (Director/CEO/General Manager)
Phone: 38-067-5426653

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