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Bentonite Cat Litter

Product Origin: China

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Bentonite Cat Litter Add this product to your favorites

penglai mining corporationpmc is a leading manufacturer of bentonite cat litter in china. pmc, located in penglaishi, shandong province, focuses on the development of private label and supplies many of the world´s dominant retailers from asia-pacific, usa and europe. we have bentonite cat litters, faster and harder clumping, 100 odour control and 99.9 dust free.
please contact merro´at´cnpmc.net

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Contact Penglai Mining Corporation
Yantai, Shandong
Ms.Merro Liu
Ms. Merro Liu (Sales)
Phone: 86-535-8517725-803

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floor 3, beside sluice mingzhu road, xitailong v

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